im all tucked in to bed watchin 2 and a half men.. And im sitting thinking how expensive it is to work gotta tell u this, I HATE GOING TO THE GYM... however im fine with going to classes, or dancing..or doing somethin more fun, than just machines... But to be able to do classes, you have to join a gym, and thats a bit:S Why cant you just buy a card for just the classes.

I know that since i stopped studying and eating so unhealthy, the healthy part have just made my body feel good, but also its showed me what the unhealthy part did.. Im not BIG i aint in the shape i want to be..and i am not comfortable with it. And since my job takes over my whole day, i dont have time for anything...
But i have to start taking care myself, or just understand that i need some ME time..

Is anyone in my situation? or would like to give me some motivation.. hit it..;)


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