Hotties of the day...

Male Hottie of the day

Plays young Superman, and he def. got my heart... grrr...
Female Hottie of the day

From Oscar Winning Slumdog Millionaire
What do u think of these hotties??

Still sicko..

Sitting at home and still sick, stupid back!!!! .. How are u guys doing?? Here its a sunny day and i wish i had more energy...

Started writing this post like 10 hours but now ive just made lasagna for me and my bf, and i cant still not believe that i can actually make it. For u out there that have no idea about who am, trust i have come along way at cooking. HATED to even think the thought of cooking and now im buying groceries and im making stuff.. How unbelieveble isnt that??

Well tomorrow back to work and then HOLIDDDAAYYY :):) Feels sooo nice, finally!! 10 beautiful days with just relaxing and not thinking of work in ANY way...:) I LIKKEEE... 

Sitting watching E online, god this channel is borrrriiinng.. same stuff over and over again!!! The true story of this and that person.. and the thing is its always the same people!! How about u try and do diff. celebrities instead of Tom Cruise all the time...

Okidoki, gonna go have some nice dinner. And i gotta btw get in to better shape for end of September, going away with my babyyyy for our 2nd year anniversary:):)

Ok let me knw whats up with u guys..


Hotties of the day...

Male Hottie of the Day

Funny, handsome, smart..what more can i girl ask for?? But hes married to Scarlett Johanssen.. DAMN IT

Female Hottie of the day

People have a problem with her i def. dont.. I think shes gorgeous!

What do you think of the hotties today??



Was sick yesterday, ended up calling my boss and telling him i aint coming. Stayed in bed the whole day with my bf, who was annoying me instead of taking care of me. But at least i got some sleep that i havent had in a looong time. I so hate not having the finance for shopping btw. Im a very girly girl when it comes to shopping. I LOVE IT.. I have so many shoes and i cant stopppppppp..AHHHHHHHHHHHH.. but in otherways im not as girly.

Dont you just loveee shopping??


Hotties of the day..

Male hottie of the Day 

The dude is gorgeous, but unfortunately married...:S

Female Hottie of the Day


New blog..

First time i own a blog, so here we go.. Lets see if we can get a clue of it. I am sitting at work right now bored to my bootyyyy... and i thought lets get this show on the road. Trying to figure myself around all the set ups and stuff.. but its working. So this blog will be about my life, fashion, music...and oh yeah HOTTIES!!. Enjoy!

Ciao !

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