Hotties of the day..

Female Hottie

I can actually say that i think shes as hot as Jessica Alba, MAYBE even a lil hotter, but shes been a VJ on MTV, and done a couple of tvshows, but i guess shes more known about the MTV gig and the relationship to Jessica Simpsons ex husband, Nick Lachey..

Male Hottie

He is younger, but call me a cougar then, i dont Apparantly hes the new Tony Hawk, a really good skater, and i agree, there was this MTV weekend about his life, and it was fun watchin just cuz he was so


Hotties of the day...

Female hottie

Honestly, i havent seen much of her movies, but ive seen her in loads of music videos and i find her absolutely beautiful. (See, guys that think that girls cant appreciate other girls beauty!! you are wrong!) This girl is my age, and definitely a hottie!!

Male Hottie

Lord have mercy! Would you be comfortable with a boyfriend this hot?? dammnnn... Brody is the playboy of the show The Hills, where a you get to see the lifes of a couple of people in their rich lives.. i can see the show, but i find it ridiculous that someone would become famous in that way.. but nice for them.. But we cant deny, HES A HOTTIE!!


So today, i woke up a bit sick, unfortunately the worst day ever to be sick.. since its sunny and warm outside!!!! But guess you cant do anything about it, so i stayed in bed, and watch all my favorite tv-shows...A show that i actually been following is Supernatural, thanks to the hot assssss


So this is..

a song that always makes me feel a lil better!!

Hotties of the day...

Female Hottie

So shes not only HOT and has a bad ass body, shes also dating Justin Timberlake.. Damn u Jessica!!.. First time i saw her was as a teenager in 7th heaven, i used to love that show!.. But Jessica got so tired of the stamp she had gotten as the good little angel, that she lost all her clothes on a photoshoot, just after the show wrapped up. Guess she isnt so innocent anymore!
Male Hottie

McSteamy..grrrrrrrrrrr... i like very much, he was recently in the movie Valentines Day and he plays McSteamy in Greys Anatomy. That guy can make my heart go bom Honestly, where do you find guys like this, they cant only be in hollywood??



So did you guys see the Valentines Day movie?

I actually just saw it, and they really took all the hotties and just crammed them in a movie!.. I think the movie was done very realistic, you know not everyone has a perfect valentines day!.. But i loved how the characters had different stories!.. But i wont tell too much, cuz i dont wanna ruin it for someone that havent seen it...

What do you think of the movie?

Back for the 2nd

Sorry guys, ive been gone for a while, went through a breakup with someone i really loved and i was just not so much in the mood of sharing so much. I guess we all went through it once in our lifes... but i guess everything happens for a reason. If you guys have any stories to share, please be my guest!.. I guess it has helped hearing how people deal with it, which has made me a bit stronger, and thank god for my friends, do not know what i would have done without them:S

Anyways back to positive stuff!..Whats up with all you hotties?

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