Trying to create a new email adress...

im at home, absolutely bored today, my baby just finished work and is on his way home, but because he has to take the train for an hour he wont be home very soon. I have since a long time wanted to change my email adress and im finally getting my booty out of lazyness and doing it... Bye hotmail, helloooo Gmail. Have had Hotmail since like 12 and im 25 now.. but i thought it was time for a change..since i hate the 3 month rule, if u dont log in it gets deleted..what kinda thing is that... they should put a 6 month rule or something.. but anyways.. also have people i no longer need in my life, so why not start all fresh :)..
People with gmail, are u happy??

Hot Videossss..

Its sooo damn sexy, it impossible to not like it... Let me know what u think!

And this one just makes me wanna move... If you havent noticed im all in to R&B and HipHop..:)

Hotties of the day..

Male hottie of the day
The guy plays Dean on Supernatural, and he is the ONLY thing that keeps me tuning in. Hes HOT and he has this nice sense of humor. However i did not always like him.. HATED him on days of our lives.. And what kinda show is that... so annoying and it never wants to end. Everyone has been with everyone, and everyone has been a criminal at some time. GOD WHY DONT U END THE SHOW!!
Female hottie of the day

The girl is gorgeous, shes a part of the Victoria Secret models, and apparently don't eat any unhealthy food. Well we can see that on her body.. Im a straight girl, but admit it...  Victoria Secret Show is HOT.
Let me know what you think!

Back from lil vacation..

me and the bf went for our 2nd year anniversary to this really nice spa hotel..and we did absolutely nothing.. felt so nice..and now im back!! the apartment is a mess so it needs a bit of cleaning, but i thought id update u first. My bf lost his bag yesterday with everything in it, so he was not in a happy mood... God i would get really annoyed if i lost my stuff, cuz then u need to replace it..screw that..
Anyways whats new with me, nothing actually waiting to start a new job in November, and between that, me and my bf are moving so there is packing and cleaning on the schedule.
Whats new with you??

Hotties of the day..

Female hotties of the day

They have a tv-show on E "Keeping up with the Kardashians" and then " Khloe and Kourtney takes over Miami". To be honest i actually hated all three of them in the beginning, but there are not that bad, all of them are beautfil eventhough some people find Khloe ugly. She has a bigger body then the rest of them but that doesnt mean shes ugly.

Male hottie of the day

High school musical he looked like a baby, now hes actually kinda hot!

What do you think? And who do you think should be the hottie of the day?

Hello People

Hey there!

Sorry for not blogging for a while, have sick and then on vacation, so just got back to my computer. So back to work, sitting here again bored. However i finish this internship on wednsday, however come back later in november since somebody got promoted to a better job :):):)...

So whats been going on in my life, well im moving apartments in the end of october, moving away from my baby:( not by choice but i kinda have too...

I have no pants, and its getting colder where im at, so i just walk around in dresses and skirt, which was fine for the summer but def. not now. God i hate that its gonna get colder, back to the warm jackets and pants and shoes.. wondering how i wanna look this winter.. Love the coats at ZARA, so im prob gonna get one, and then shoes???? I have so many shoes but no warm ones.. so gotta start looking for those.

Have you planned out your winter outfit???


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