Unhealthy day..

Ive been sooooooooooo unhealthy today!!

la la la la..

Seems to be like im getting better:) Nice!! My baby is in the kitchen cooking dinner, and i jus walked around cleaning up a bit, since seriously NOTHING gets done if i dont do it... but i guess i like stuff more clean that the bf wants it... lol..

Im in bed though now, cuz i wanna feel a hundred procent for monday. Seriously this week has been hell!!!!... Right now im watching the hotties from Supernatural...grrrrrr.. wat are u guys doing?

Zara Shoes 36size

Shoes cost me around 800SEK each also, and i could go down to 600SEK each and further discussions.
The shoes are both ZARA and never been used.

Sorry guys..

Im really bad at updating these days, cuz im still sick..and getting in front of the computer takes loads of energy....
I was acutally gonna put up some Zara shoes (not used) im selling ... I love the shoes, put they just dont want to fit my petite ass feet...
so stay tuned:)



im all tucked in to bed watchin 2 and a half men.. And im sitting thinking how expensive it is to work out...lol....I gotta tell u this, I HATE GOING TO THE GYM... however im fine with going to classes, or dancing..or doing somethin more fun, than just machines... But to be able to do classes, you have to join a gym, and thats a bit:S Why cant you just buy a card for just the classes.

I know that since i stopped studying and eating so unhealthy, the healthy part have just made my body feel good, but also its showed me what the unhealthy part did.. Im not BIG MOMMA..lol..but i aint in the shape i want to be..and i am not comfortable with it. And since my job takes over my whole day, i dont have time for anything...
But i have to start taking care myself, or just understand that i need some ME time..

Is anyone in my situation? or would like to give me some motivation.. hit it..;)


why do i feel so sick?? But its not flu sick.. sucks..my body feels like a big ass bruise... Im in bed right now and watching some episodes of new Sherri... What are you guys doing?


A SOFA STEAM CLEANER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Time for some Family Guy and Bolognese... hungry!!!
Talk to you laters hotties!!

Some music for the boredom...

Keri Hilson - Turnin' Me On feat. Lil Wayne



NEYO Ft. JAMIE FOXX - She got her own

SHAKIRA FT. LIL WAYNE - Give it up to me (a bit skeptical about this one)


Im sooo ..

sorry, ive been so bad at updating the last couple of days... just been feelin really sick! But i hope i will get better soon in health and the blogging..
Im finally home after a long ass day, but i felt pain the whole day.. like my body is like a bruise..and i cant really sit anywhere without being in pain:(
How was your day?

Rise and shine sunshine!!

Been at the office since 8.15 with a weird kinda energy. My body still hurts like hell, but i cant be out today since we have loads of stuff to do.

My day is gonna be basically work work, buy some new pants from H&M and then go home and clean up a bit. See when the mrs is sick at home..there is not a lot being done around the house..lol.. so i guess the housewife needs to get into shape.. well its mostly cuz i like it more clean than my bf....so i gotta do it:)



Good Night...

Sleep tight, and dont let the bed bugs bite :) Back to work tomorrow:S

Being a sicko..

My immunsystem SUCKSSSSSS!!
My baby bought me cookies and im in bed watching Gossip Girl. Sometimes i Like it and sometimes i hate it!
What do you think?


Im sick today:( Sucks my body feels like a big bruise!!

Home Sweet Home..

Mondays are always the day where you just dont want to get out of bed, and when its done.. its like.... god i want to go back to my bed!!!!!!!
Well ive had a good day, annoying but then again some people just dont understand common sense... And while im sitting writing this to u guys, i am seeing a spider working out..lol.. going up and down its web.... which i had that energy.... So how was ur day? Im thinking of sitting in front of Desperate Housewives and having my dinner, since my dear boyfriend is working tonight:( Sorry for not much update yesterday, but we finally had one day off together:):)
Anyways fill me in with what is happening tonight!!

I loveeee... PITBULLLL !! (Hotel Room Service)

Hungryy...So hungry..

Good Afternoon :)

So ive been at work since 8.30, and im getting really hungry right now!!! How are you guys doing?? Im happy that my bestfriend FINALLY after months of searching and applying, so im in a happy mood today!!

What are u guys having for lunch today? I was thinking of thai food..mmmm:)



Back to..

watching FRIENDS, Im sooooooooooo lazyyy today.. WTH.. But maybe its cuz first week of work has been tiring. My baby is working night so i wont see him until tomorrow morning... which kinda sucks..:S So im home alone, trying to finish the laundry but im too lazy to go 5 floors down and then up again... and i hate hanging up stuff!!!!
Heres a lil clip of what im watching... Enjoy hotties!


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